Website Launch

Website Launch

19 August 2015 to 19 August 2015

03:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Venue / Location:
Black Box, Kala Academy

Result Date:


Well known photographer from Mumbai Shri Shiresh R Karrale launched to commemorate the World Photography Day at Kala Academy on 19th August 2015.

Speaking  on the occasion Shri Karrale congratulated Shri Navdeep Aguiar for his initiative and said that the boy is energetic and eager to take up challenges. The Goan environment is very conducive for photography and keeping in mind the latest technology in the Photography there is wide scope for new entrants in the field.

Complimenting Navdeep for launching the website he said that it was a very good thing for Goa as even in Maharashtra there is no such website.

Fashion Photographer Shri Prasad Pankar said that Navdeep is ambitious and would not leave until the things that are in his mind are accomplished.

President of Photo Journalist Association Shri Souri Komarpant said that photographers are eyes and ears of the society and that they have to be alert 24 hours like a soldier on the border.

Director of Web design and operations, Team Inertia Technologies Shri Vernon Fernandes was also present.

Shri Navdeep Aguiar a young photographer and Law Student  in his speech explained his initiative and sought support from the people in his endeavors. Ms. Anjali  Aguiar managed the event.

 A photography contest called Spark 2015 was organized on the occasion and prizes were presented to the winners at the hands of the dignitaries. The first prize was bagged by Pratham Yadahalli the second prize by Saish Pai Raikar while the third prize was bagged by  Tejas Korgaonkar. The first consolation prize was bagged by Sheebani Kunde while the second consolation prize was bagged by Mohidin Hulgur.